A Time To Be Born (Back Door BDS 103) 1969



A Time To Be Born is a live recording of Flanders leading the worship service at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square, Washington, DC. Captures a little bit of everything: the opening church bells, Flanders rehearsing with the congregation, brief liturgical bits, solo performances, spoken intros, the closing organ selection with people gabbing on the way out.  Fortunately Flanders and his guitar get the microphone, pushing the Congregational singing to the background.  Songs include ‘Love Come A-Tricklin’ Down’, ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’, ‘Sing Then, Noel!’, ‘Love Is A Verb’, ‘Lord Of The Dance’ and ‘Shalom’.  Several choruses of He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’ are sung, the people volunteering substitutions for the phrase “the whole world”.  That makes for some rather unusual verses, perhaps the most intriging being “He’s got Richard Nixon in His hands”.  This is not something you’re liable to listen to over and over again, nevertheless it’s an interesting curio that’s sure to evoke some nostalgia among those who grew up with the ’60s folk mass.






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