Songs By Sisters (CAVS/Fountain FTN 2506)  1977 UK *


Water, Wind and Fire front

Delicate UK folk recording featuring three Anglican Sisters.  Gentle acoustic guitar softly caressed by flute, recorder and deep-felt soprano harmonies.  ‘Welcome, Jesus!’, ‘Pentecost Song’, ‘Glory Blues’, ‘I Wake In The Morning’, ‘Adonai!’ and the percussive  ‘Come Up To Jerusalem!’ are among the twelve original songs presented here.  Identical style to Maranatha (also on the CAVS label)  –  I’m pretty sure it’s the same group. Striking cover illustration of dove in flight next to colorful flames.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Waater, Wind And Fire back

Thanks Steve for the cleaned front cover.


01. Water Wind And Fire

02. Come Up To Jerusalem

03. Welcome Jesus

04. O Beautiful

05. Pentecost Song

06. Glory Blues

07. I Wake Up In The Morning

08. Come Unto Me

09. Trinity Song

10. Adonai

11. O Living One

12 . When I Say Jesus