Flying High (Genesis GS-5005)  1978  Australia *


Still Waters – Flying High front

Enjoyable jazz-rock outfit from Australia.  A mix of funky stuff, breezy upbeat songs, smooth grooves and dreamy moods, alternating male and female lead vocals, backed by acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, flute, synthesizer, saxophone and brass.  Glimmers of Sweet Comfort Band, Seawind and the like, with decent electric guitar leads throughout.  Includes a couple Honeytree tunes: ‘Searchlight’ is rendered in light disco fashion, while ‘Clean Before My Lord’ gets the soft-jazz treatment.  Also a cover of Chuck Girard’s ‘You Ask Me Why’.  Some original songs as well, including ‘He’s A Man’, ‘What Is Your Life’, ‘NowThat We’ve Found Love’ and ‘Sunday Song’.  Cool cover art of a person suspended on a flying kite/machine.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for the music.



01. Sacred Light

02. He’s A Man

03. Flying High

04. Wouldn’t Have Died In Vain

05. What Is Your Life

06. Now That We’ve Found Love

07. Clean Before My Lord

08. Sunday Song

09. More To Life

10. You Ask My Why

11. Jesus Is Alive