Maker Of The Morning (Bride  SS-680) 1980


Maker Of The Morning front

Virginia male/female group of ten exploring soft jazzy folkrock realms with admirable results.  Songs gracefully glide along to piano/acoustic-guitar melodies, joined by flute and electric guitar leads.  Jazz influences here and there, as on the breezy tracks ‘Son’ and ‘Faithful And True’, both of which feature brisk interaction of piano and flute.  Splendid  Keaggy-like acoustic guitar leads embellishing the title song, ‘Brightest Star’ and the ballad ‘Jesus You Are’. One guy’s voice is a rich, but mostly it’s female lead vocals in the spotlight (seven of the ten songs).  Colored pencil cover of God in the clouds.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for the music.


Maker Of The Morning back


01. Faithful & True

02. Come Unto Me

03. Behold How Good

04. Jesus You Are

05. Open Up The Canopy

06. Brightest Star

07. Never Be Moved

08. Son

09. Take My Heart

10. Maker Of The Morning