Sonday (AMC KS-7634 6052N8) 1976


Sonday front

Beautiful homemade recording of delicate harmonized folk from male/female sextet.  One of the members is James Marchionda, a name that might ring a bell in Catholic circles.  This set is stylistically a world of difference from his later choral/praise albums on World Library (see entries).  Marchionda wrote all the songs here with the exception of  Ray Repp’s ‘I Can See It Through My Window’ and Godspell’s ‘All Good Gifts’.  Very moving melodies within a simple yet passionate presentation that touches the heart with its charm.  The plaintive tone of ‘Bread And Wine’ and ‘I Long For You’ in particular hit me on an emotional level.  Others like ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘Praise The Lord’ are vibrant and upbeat.  Nice voices all around backed only by a pair of acoustic guitars.  Excellent!  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for the music.


Sonday back


01. Come Let Us Sing

02. I Can See It From My Window

03. Nothing Shall Ever Come Between Us

04. Bread & Wine

05. All Good Gifts

06. The Lord’s Prayer

07. Praise The Lord

08. I Long For You

09. A Psalm Of Praise

10. I Am Here

11. I Know Jesus Christ