Passin’ Thru (PLJ-417) 1980


Peace Love Joy front

Cowboy hats usually means country rock, and these five Joplin, Missouri boys do it as good as anyone on their splendid custom album.  Instruments include  a three guitar line-up (acoustic, rhythm, electric), plus electric piano, harmonica, bass, drums and percussion.  Good acoustic and electric leads energizing titles like ‘You’re My Home’, ‘Pass’n  Through’, ‘You Can (But Not Me)’ ‘Blue Skies’, ‘Trip to Calvary’, ‘Peace, Love, Joy’ and ‘Merciful Love’, sometimes drawing near Way/America, Southern rock or west-coast hippie sounds.  Nothing  super loud or anything but definitely a strong player in the rural rock category  –  put ’em on the same list with Maskil, Desert Water Band, Aslan, Heirship, Mountain Glory, etc.  Some quieter melodic material as well.  Ten original songs in all.  Housed in one of those wonderful primitive home-made covers, a b&w drawing of a dove above an old fashioned train.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Peace Love Joy back



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Sitting On A Mountain Top3:50
1-2You're My Home3:14
1-3Passin' Through3:14
1-4Needing You3:37
1-5You Can (But Not Me)2:35
2-1True Love2:26
2-2Blue Skies2:31
2-3Trip To Calvary4:06
2-4Peace Love Joy2:53
2-5Merciful Love3:40