The Wings Of The Morning (no label, NR8682)  1977



The Wings Of The Morning broadens their sound with additional instruments, including several nice lyrical passages that feature piano, violin and flute.  At the time a few tracks like ‘Seek The Kingdom’ and ‘He Is Risen’ introduce electric guitar (including some fine soloing) for a decidedly harder rock edge, yet without sacrificing their trademark elegance.  Organ is used on a few songs, including ‘Come, Spirit, Come’ and ‘Our Redeemer’.  Although only Paul’s name appears on the front cover, George is still very much involved in both vocals and songwriting.   Nancy Woelfel sings lead on three songs, while several additional musicians and harmony vocalist provide assistance throughout the album.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


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01. Sing Praise

02. Beatitudes

03. The Wings Of The Morning

04. Seek The Kingdom

05. I Corinthians 13

06. Come Spirit Come

07. You Are The Vine

08. The Greatest Love

09. He Is Risen

10. Song Of Thanks

11. Our Redeemer

12. Jesus Christ Is Lord