Caught Up (Airborn AR-7005)  1981


Caught Up front

Well-produced upbeat rock and pop custom featuring the duo of Bruce Thede and Claudia Watkins. Credits include Scott Roley (producer, percussion, harmonica), James Isaac Elliott (mandolin) and Petra’s John Lawry (keyboards, Prophet 5), all of whom also contribute to some of the songwriting.  Has a lot of the same free-and-easy spirit as Albrecht, Roley and Moore, along with a few jazz-rock angles that recall the group Tamarack.  Highly charged electric guitar work throughout from George Cocchini, especially on ‘Just Like You’, ‘Light Of Eternity’, ‘Be Listening’, ‘Speak His Name’ and the title track.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Caught Up back



01. Just Like You

02. Caught Up

03. In Your Heart

04. Light Of Eternity

05. Be Listening

06. Follow The Leader

07. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love

08. Hold On

09. Speak His Name

10. I Need To Know You