Two Sides Of Peterkin (no label, no #) 1980


Matthew 25 front

Sometimes this Episcopal foursome almost sounds like an American counterpart to UK folk groups like Aslan, Presence, and Mystery Maker.  Two Sides Of Peterkin features songs that were popular at the Peterkin Conference in West Virginia.  Acoustic guitar, recorder and delicate male/female harmonies supply the mood on gentle endearing tracks like ‘Communion Way’, ‘Second Story Window’, “Michelle’s Prayer’ and “Freedom’.  Also covers of ‘Irish Blessing’ and John Fischer’s ‘Jesus My Lord’.  Side two contains five original songs by member Gary Norum.  ‘The Lions Win Every Time’ is an interesting blues diversion that strolls along with some admirable lead electric guitar.  From Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Parkersburg, West Virginia.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Matthew 25 back



01. Communion Song

02. Alleluia

03. Second Story Window

04. Jesus My Lord

05. Michelle’s Prayer

06. Irish Blessing

07. Freedom

08. The Lions Win Every Time

09. Hey Little Boy

10. Fellow Child

11. Matthew 25