Duell (CMLP 118/83)  1983  Norway *




This album is not found in The Archivist.  It has symphonic overtones.  The ‘Alphabet Of God’s Children’ or ‘Guds Barns Alfabet’ is a sort of omp pa pa fun song including the moo of a cow, all three rotate the singing.  ‘Jesus, Ditt Ansikt Av Lys er Min Lengsel’ or  ‘Jesus, Your Face Of Light Is My Longing’ reminded me of a soaring symphonic hymn with flourishes of progressive accompaniment.  ‘Korsfarer’ or ‘Crusaders’ is a done in a drum driven march but again there are the progressive overtones in the accompaniment. ‘Give Me A Heart, Which Seeks You’ or ‘Gi Meg Et Hjerte Som Søker Deg’ drops back to a very delicate prayer. Then there is the hauntingly beautiful  ‘Trekkfugl Fly’ or ‘Migratory Bird Fly’.  ‘Sea Of Glass’ or ‘Glasshav’ is an accappella dream like Gregorial chant like piece.  There are 14 songs in all masterful use of instruments, beautiful acoustic guitars and flying electric guitars. Appears to be all original songs.  Reviewed by RP.



Thanks Leif for the music and the translation into English on the Song titles.



01. Reis Deg Fra Støvet

02. Spør Ikke Hvorfor

03. Guds Barns Alfabet

04. Jesus, Ditt Ansikt Av Lys er Min Lengsel

05. Korsfarer

06. Gi Meg Et Hjerte Som Søker Deg

07. Trekkfugl Fly

08. Løp Til Jesus

09. Vår Ferskeste Genistrek

10. Siste Vitne.

11. Det Er Så Nær

12. Hvis Herren Ikke Bygger Huset

13. Høyt Over Rom Og Tid

14. Glasshav


The titles will translate something like this:

01. Raise From The Dust
02. Don’t Ask Why
03. The Alphabet Of God’s Children
04. Jesus, Your Face Of Light Is My Longing
05. Crusaders
06. Give Me A Heart, Which Seeks You
07. Migratory Bird Fly
08. Run To Jesus
09. Our Most Fresh Act Of Genius
10. Last Witness
11. It Is So Close
12. If It Is Not The Lord Building The House
13. High Above Space And Time
14. Sea Of Glass