It’s An Open Secret / We’re Going To Set The World A-Singing (Regal Zonophone  RZ 501) 1964 UK * single

If your only exposure to the Joy Strings is their excellent Well Seasoned lp, you’re missing out on a whole lot of great music.  Add up all the singles and 4-song EP’s listed above and you’ve got yourself 24 additional non-lp tunes.  Granted the group you hear back in 1964 isn’t as developed as on their later material, particularly these unison vocals and the folkier pop sound.  Can’t complain about those swell electric guitar breaks though.  According to the back of Well Seasoned, ‘It’s An Open Secret’ hit the record charts and made Joy Strings “a household word”.  The Xmas single ‘The Only One’ / ‘You’re Welcome’ is still pretty folky, but begins to make use of solo vocals.  The EP with the word “Joy” all over the front (I guess I’ll call it Joy Joy Joy Joy) shows the first moves toward a more jangly beat sound.  ‘I Want To Sing It’ and ‘Follow’ both have a pretty cool primal beat starting alongside the electric strum, while the slow dreary ‘There Was A Man’ highlights Joy Webb’s vocal prowess.  Neat pic sleeve showing the band crammed into a tiny cover table.  Christmas With The Joy Strings adds four more original seasonal tunes to their catalog. Joy Strings Abroad and The Song Break (where they’re shown on a double decker bus) find the group in top form via titles like ‘Everything’, ‘Tomorrow’,’Lord On Our Side’ and the immensely catchy ‘Love That’s In My Heart’.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. It’s An Open Secret

02.We’re Going To Set The World A-Singing


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