Coming Together (FEL 632)  1975



Jim’s FEL debut contains some of his most memorable songwriting, gentle feel-good vibes presented in a simple yet vibrant style led by guitar, flute and delicate harmonies.   Standout for me is the minor-key ‘We Are Hungry’ where dreamy flute, bongo percussion and Shaw’s harpsichord mysteriously intertwine.  Other selections include ‘Reign, Master Jesus, Reign’, ‘Free From Fear’, ‘I Am My Brother’s Brother’ (covered on Backwood’s Pilrim’s  Road ), ‘Save The Mission’ and ‘Bring A Little Sunshine’.  All copies I’ve seen come in a budget sleeve that looks like a 12-inch single, the front having a die-cut  circle to reveal the record label, The back with a simple paste-on cover.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Jim Shaw – Coming Together back



01. Coming Together

02. Reign Master Reign

03. Save The Mission

04. We Are Hungry

05. Bring A Little Sunshine

06. Open Your Eyes

07. I Am A Brother’s Brother

08. Free From Fear

09. So Close To You And Me

10. Our Father