Presence (Pretzel JK7172) 1980



Jeff Keyes’ music captures the same mood as other late-’70s Catholic folk/choral artist such as David Haas , Marty Haugen and the St. Louis Jesuits.  Some really pretty moments here, with moving worshipful melodies and stirring arrangements that build to dynamic peaks.  Acoustic guitars and piano provide the basic framework; alternating solo and choral harmonies carry the melody; strings, harpsichord, drums, percussion, flute and trumpet fill in the sound.  Beautiful  violin on ‘I Have Called You’.  Roc O’Connor of the St. Louis Jesuits assists on 12-string guitar.  Jeff  was also a member of the earlier folk group The Spiritans (see entry).  I’ve seen a few Catholic folk albums on this custom label over the years  –  according to back, the pretzel symbolizes “a person with their arms crossed in prayer”.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Praise The Lord 2:30
1-2The Father's Care 3:28
1-3Spirit Psalm 3:17
1-4Holy Holy Holy 1:28
1-5Christ Has Died0:28
1-7Our Father 3:29
1-8Lord Come Quickly 4:17
2-1Lord This Is The People 2:17
2-2I Turn To You Lord 3:25
2-3In Your Midst 2:39
2-4Song For Liz 2:56
2-5The Lord Is King 1:23
2-6I Have Called You 3:21
2-7A New Song 1:56