Good Soil (The Barn BN1032) 1981?


Good Soil front

This three-girl two-guy Indianapolis group has a pop-rock and ballads style that I’d wager was heavily influenced by 2nd Chapter Of Acts.  That means layered female-dominated harmonies, light rock backing and a strong piano presence.  It’s a custom record, but the sound is very clean & polished.  More ccm-ish than 2nd Chapter and not as inspired, but they have a few admirable moments, especially when the acoustic guitar is highlighted.  ‘I Just Sing To My Lord’, ‘A Song For You’, ‘His Grace Is Sufficient’ and the Moody piano ballad ‘Psalm 32:8 are some of the better songs.  There’s a mild interest in this record from the pysch community since member Marsha Rollings was involved on the rare Anonymous Inside The Shadow lp.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Good Soil back

01. I’ve Got Jesus

02. I Just Sing To My Lord

03. Jesus Is Teachin’ Me

04. Wouldn’t Wanna Live

05. Take It To The Lord

06. A Song For You

07. Psalm 32:8

08. Love The World Through Me

09. His Grace Is Sufficient

10. Come What May