Signs Of The Seasons (ACP NA-1752/3) 1975



Glenn Garrett began his solo career with this obscure homemade album.   Signs Of The Seasons follows a mellow jangly folk and light-rock singer/songwriter format,  Glenn’s gentle voice backed by acoustic guitar, piano and electric piano, filled in by three others on lead guitar, bass, banjo and drums.  It’s a simple, pleasant and easygoing style, one that refreshingly lacks the polish of his later albums.  ‘I See Him In The Morning’, ‘He Wore A Purple Robe’, ‘Signs Say’, seven more.  From Birningham, Alabama. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


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01. I See Him In The Morning

02. He Saw Glory

03. Everytime I Hear His Name

04. Find Him

05. Jesus Saw A Need For Dreamers

06. Wouldn’t It

07. Sometimes They Ask Me

08. Girl I Love You

09. Thank You Jesus

10. A Tear In Jesus’ Eye

11. He Wore A Purple Robe

12. Signs Say