Celebrate the Feast (Celebration CR1003)  1975


Celebrate The Feast front


Above are just a few of the many albums recorded by this hyper-prolific folk ensemble that evolved from the coffee-house band Keyhole.  With only five people pictured on the cover  On Tiptoe is mostly simple pleasant acoustic folk.  The Rest have some of that too as well as some moody ensemble stuff.  They probably have several other good albums as well,though later ones tended to be very choral.  Yet unlike a few other assembly-line praise outfits that got progressively smoother and more bland over the years, The Fisherfolk have always been consistent in sticking with solemn classical arrangements.  Widely distributed in Canada and England.  For an as-complete-as-you’re-ever-likely-to-get discography check out Claude Crain’s Gospel Rox Music Collection Guide.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


1. Introit: Yeldall carol
2. Hail to the Lord’s anointed
3. Lord, have mercy
4. Who has measured the waters
5. Matthew 28:16-20
6. The Nicene creed
7. Praise, my soul, the King of heaven
8. The Thanksgiving
9. Holy, holy
10. The Lord’s prayer
11. Jesus, Lamb of God
12. When you do this
13. O Jesus, how I love you
14. I am a rock
15. Alleluia No. 1
16. We really want to thank you, Lord

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