Father Ian & Caroline (Omega OP 1881) 1970


Father Ian & Caroline front


Tolerable brass and strings adult pop and rock.   The Jim Nabors histronics sometimes grate on my nerves, but folky tracks like ‘Dream’ where Caroline takes the lead make it worthwhile.  A couple instances of fuzz guitar. plus sitar on the closing ‘After St. Francis’.   Capitol cover art.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Father Ian & Caroline back



01. No Richer Guy

02. Song Of Jeremiah

03. Dream

04. Crayon Box

05. Teach Me To Swim

06. This Year

07. The First Time

08. The Color Of Love

09. Flat On The 14th Floor

10. May Christmas

11. Overturn The Tables

12. After St. Francis