For You Make Me Glad  (Ekklesia, EK8-77) 1977


Ekklesia – For You Make Me Glad front

Sweet and mellow folk originals  from three guys and two girls who sound so much like Ellis and Lynch it ain’t funny.  No complaints here as E&L are one of my favourite groups, and Ekklesia is equally talented in presenting the same moving melodic  style.  Most pleasant , rarely sappy, and on occasion exceedingly precious, fashioned with acoustic gutiars,  soft male/female harmonies, flute, piano and gentle string accompaniment (two violins, viola and cello).  Sometimes soft and breezy (the title track), folksy and lighthearted (“Bless The Lord’) or coasting along in a minor key (‘Good Thief’).  Some of their most stirring moments come within beautiful fragile acoustic ballads like ‘Last Supper’, ‘Strings From Habukkuk’ and ‘Mountain Song’.  Nice hands -releasing-a-butterfly cover art.  From Denver, Colorado.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Ekklesia – For You Make Me Glad – back



01. For You Make Me Glad

02. Be Not Afraid

03. Last Supper

04. Mary Had A Baby

05. Strings From Habukkuk

06. Mountain Song

07. You Shall Love The Lord

08. What Can I Give Him

09. Good Thief

10. Turning Back To You

11. Bless The Lord