Antioch (K&R KRS-1081) 1981


Antioch front

Antioch is a seven-man folk outfit led by composers Joe Miksik, Dennis Westphal and Gerald Westphal.  They have an elegant melodic style similar to a lot of the late-70’s Catholic releases, gently mixing such instruments as classical and acoustic guitars, piano and flute.  Even some mellotron providing beauty and atmosphere to several tracks.  A co-ed vocal ensemble provides distant background harmonies in spots, blending in practically unnoticed.  No strings or horns, relying instead on simple arrangements that emphasise the lyrical flow of the songs.  Small Ray Repp label.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Antioch back


01. I Will Thank You Lord

02. I Can Feel Your Presence

03. God So Loved The World

04. Mary’s Song

05. Litany Of Praise

06. Love For You

07. We Are Signs

08.  Speak To The Wind

09. Worthy Is The Lamb

10. Kyrie

11. Blessed Are They

12. Holy Holy Holy

13. Dying You Destroyed

14. Lamb Of God

15. Maranatha