Songs For the Feast (World Library-7772)  1978


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Somehow this was missed for inclusion in Ken Scott’s listing of other Jabusch recordings . On this particular recording Willard uses mostly melodies centuries old and interprets them for us using his own lyrics. Some are sung unadorned, some folk style, some contemporary.  Review by KS.

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Stainless The Maiden2:41
1-2Have You Seen3:02
1-3Mary Loved Her Baby3:28
1-4In The Darkness2:18
1-5Jesus Went With His Disciples2:41
2-1When The Angel Came2:10
2-2Enter The Stable3:33
2-3Come Out Lazarus2:00
2-4Who Can Know The Way Ahead3:33
2-5Hear How The Universe2:14