Only One Name (Cornerstone CS003) 1981 UK *



There are some great Celtic vibes on this album along with some great picking. The album leads of with ‘The Singer’ a song that fits right into the theme of this blog. ‘Fly Reel’ is a challenging progressive mood instrumental. ‘Sing O Sing’ is a wonderful worship song. “Think Like Me is a mentally challenging song crafted to make one think about what they are thinking about, it ends with a progressive flourish. All the songs are light and airy with the exception on ‘What Have they Done To You’ and ‘Broken Bodies’ which are softer ballads, but even those have a light and airy feel. ‘Manly’s Melodies’ is a second instrumental in a Celtic progressive mood. I think I like this one about the best of Rodney’s albums. I found it relaxing yet challenging in reflecting on the lyrics. ‘Only One Name’ is another wonderful worship song. Review by RP.



01. The Singer

02. Faces

03. Fly Reel

04. Tommy’s Song

05. This Land

06. Sing O Sing

07. Only One Name

08. Think Like Me

09. What Have They Done To You

10. Manly’s Melodies

11. Broken Bodies