Reference Point (New Born NB7016)  1980


Reference Point front


Reference Point retreats into a simpler acoustic soft rock style that should find welcome among those who appreciate artist like John Michael Talbot, Jim Croce and Phil Keaggy.  The String arrangements of Canvas For The Sun are eliminated in favour of individual appearances of cello (the ballads ‘Song For Dad’ and the quiet haunting ‘I Am Stone’) and violin (the title track and ‘My Darker Days’).  The violin also adds some rustic country flourishes, as do timely appearances of banjo and dobro.  And for those who like their music a little spicier, both ‘No Rest’ and ‘As I Wait For The Day’ rock with some good electric guitar, while ‘That’s Enough’ bustles along with a touch of black gospel.  Keyboards on a few songs, including piano, synthesiser and organ.  A very beautiful work, my personal favourite from Phill.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. I Need Friends

02. Love’s Never Lost

03. My Darker Days

04. Modern Man

05. Reference Point

06. As I Wait For The Day

07. You’re Kind

08. The Passage Of Time

09. No Rest

10. I Am Stone