A New Song (Precision Audio Recordings, PAR 1022) 1976



Here is a later incarnation of the group shared previously as St. Lawrence Martyr folk group with their nice album called open hands.  Since then the group keep the title as their group name and the church was shortened to just St. Lawrence.  Stylistically they change somewhat too, they have more of a small group sound with some unison singing, but continue to use soloists on verses.  Along with guitar they add some musical touches to good effect including a beautiful mandolin, flute and recorder, brief trumpet, and piano on one song.  My favorite is the soloist only singing moving Christ’s Song.  Review by KS.

Thank you Steve for cleaning up this front cover, as well as the Marty Haugen and Sisters of St. Francis front covers.


Open Hands – A New Song back



01. Sing A New Song

02. Lord Give Me A Heart Of Flesh

03. The Lord’s Prayer

04. Hosea

05. Till All My People Are One

06. Father, Mercy

07. Take Lord Receive

08. Magnificat

09. Let Heaven Rejoice

10. Baby What You Goin’ To Be

11. You Are Near

12. Christ’s Song

13. Bless The Lord