It Happened Forever (Lutheran Records, no #) 1962


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This does not fit in the category of Jesus music whatsoever but it might interest the listeners this early work by none other than Silhouette Segments, Brother John Rydgren.  This two lp set presents 20 of 30 dramatic vignettes that were written by John and played on the radio in the spring of 1962.  All the male dramatic voices are done by John and producer Bob Way.  A few female roles are added here and there and a lady folk singer too from Augustana College.  Not as far out as John’s later stuff, but a good listen on the Passion and a few smiles listening to the voices done.  Review by KS.



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01. Advance Preperation

02. Plan Of Destruction

03. Preparing To Dine

04. A Deep Breath

05. Think On My Lord Jesus

06. The Bitter Kiss

07. The Tree Of Judgment

08. Where Are You

09. The Great Conspiracy

10. Toying With God

11. The Dream Of Pilate’s Wife

12. A Chance For Mercy

13. Visit With The King

14. He’s Back

15. Washer Of Hands

16. The Man Who Helped God

17. Some Have Called Him King

18. Darkness To Death

19. Triangle Of Death

20. And On The Third Day