Last Train To Glory (Pilgrim 447) 1978 UK *


High Country – Last Train To Glory front


Mellow easygoing country rock from UK threesome Alistair Skene, Ronnie Magee and Carl Sands.  All three had previously been involved with the Pilgrim lp Down By The River under the name Ronnie & Carl.   Male three-part harmony blends with steel and electric guitar for covers of ‘Sailing Toward Home’, ‘Don’t Give Up When Your Down’, ‘The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor’, ‘Where The Soul Never Dies’ and ‘Time’.   Also a few original songs, including ‘Reaching Down’, ‘Going Home To Jesus’ and ‘I’ve Tried It All Before’.   Smooth and uncomplicated, no strings or horns.   Mild gospel impressions on a couple songs, the vocals being the main culprit.   Assistance from Mo Witham (guitars, dobro),  Meet Jesus Music’s Keith Routledge (keyboards) and Sue McClellan (producer). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks Leif for this one.



01. Sailing Toward Home

02. Don’t Give Up When You’re Down

03. Reaching Down

04. The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor

05. Last Train To Glory

06. Going Home To Jesus

07. What I Want You To Be

08. I’ve Tried It All Before

09. Where The Soul Never Dies

10. Time

11. It’s Been Done