Greater Is He (Homecoming HR-CF-023) 1974?


Gary Ramey front

The first thing that struck me about Gary Ramey’s voice is the uncanny resemblance to Paul Clark.  Musically this custom recording is not too far from Clark’s early country folkrock and acoustic ballads, but often the acoustic guitars are layered with mellotron, electric piano and flute for a lush atmospheric kind of beauty.  The mellotron in particular gives a gorgeous dreamy quality to original songs like ‘You Are His’, ‘Peace And Brotherhood’ and ‘I Will Praise The Lord’, making for an exceptional album.  A couple good faster tracks as well: ‘Best Way To Start The Day’ and ‘Let Your Hearts Sing’, featuring electric guitar and 12-string respectively.  Standout number is the six-minute closing ‘Crucifixion’, a dynamic progressive ballad touched with psychy electric guitar.  Ramey was a member of the Rock House Band who also have an obscure custom lp.  From Winter Park, Florida.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for the album covers.


Gary Ramey back


01. You Are His

02. Peace And Brotherhood

03. I Will Praise The Lord

04. Greater Is He

05. Best Way To Start The Day

06. Parents

07. Let Your Heart Sing

08. Crucifixion