Family Three (Dovetail DOVE 8) 1974 UK *


Same album and group released in the US as The Family Tree On Fire! This UK pressing is superior in that it includes five additional tracks (three of which are brief reprises) with ‘I Mostly Want To Say I Love Jesus’ showing the men in prime poprock form.  Different cover, too.  If you’ve got this version you don’t need the US one.  (The Archivist  by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Hallelujah Day

02. He Looks Into Your Eyes

03. Light Up The Fire

04. Now I Am Free

05. Love From A Man

06. Book Of Love

07. Keep On Singing

08. They’ll Know We Are Christians

09. They’ll Know We Are Christians (Cont.)

10. Since I Opened Up

11. The Day

12. Jesus, The Son Of Man

13. The Light Of The World

14. Put Your Feet Where They Won’t Get Stood On

15. Too Late Tomorrow

16. I Mostly Want To Say I Love Jesus

17. Light Up The Fire (Reprise)