I Can Fly (Daybreak DB 2602)  1979 UK *













Dunamis – I Can Fly front







With a spunky danceable almost robotic beat and feather-weight male/female harmonies, the British group Dunamis manages to capture some of ABBA’s enduring pop-rock spirit without becoming flat-out clones like Silverwind.  Often approaches a disco beat, like the swingin’ ‘Wooden Chain’ (a “Chritianized” version of the Mouth & MacNeil hit ‘How Do You Do’) and the thumpy upbeat cover of the Moody Blues’ ‘Question’ (which believe it or not actually works!)  On the quieter end is ‘Instrument’ with a nice Sandpipers ’60 folk feel.  Crunchy pop-rock guitar from John Pantry, staccato piano, two-note bass lines, poly-moog.  guitar synths, sax – all this coupled with some infectious song-writing make this outing a light-hearted fun one.  Cool orange dragonfly cover.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).







Dunamis – I Can Fly back








Thanks John for this music. hank you Laura for the song times.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Can Fly 4:05
1-2Wooden Chair 4:04
1-3The More We Try 2:58
1-4Come Right In 3:40
1-5Jesus 3:48
2-1Help 3:41
2-2Speaking His Name 4:06
2-3You Can Believe 1:37
2-4Instrument 2:47