Come On In We’re Among Friends (Conversation CO-791212)  1979


Come On In We’re Among Friends front


Another stirring collection of songs from Culbreth and a small circle of friends.  Usually soft male/female harmonies backed by acoustic guitar, bass and drums, abetted here and there by gentle synth strings.  Delicate enchanting acoustic moods are created within titles like ‘Emmanuel, Among Us’, ‘As The Deer’, and ‘Turn Around’.  Heavy electric guitar adds vibrancy to ‘Come Holy Spirit’ and the brisk Talbot-esque ‘Alleluia! (Song For Pentecost)’ while pedal steel brings a light pastoral air to ‘Help, Me Lord’ and ‘Prodigal Son’.  One time appearances of flute and harmonica. Even some percussive disco flourishes on ‘Psalm 66’.  Has much of the same melodic beauty as Marty Haugen & Windspirit. Private Press out of Richmond, California.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Come On In We’re Among Friends back



01. Emmanuel Among Us

02. Ecclesiasticus

03. Alleluia

04. Lord Let Your Mercy Be On Us

05. Help Me Lord

06. Psalm 66

07. Prodigal Son

08. As The Deer

09. Come Holy Spirit

10. Turn Around

11. I Can Sing

12. Teach Me Your Way, O Lord