I Love You Jesus (Pinebrook PB 1641) 1980



Good melodic rural-edged folk and soft rock from three guys who call themselves Charis , Greek for grace.  The main instrument in the foreground is piano, supplemented by nice acoustic guitars for a wholesome pastoral sound that’s very similar to Shiloh, especially the ballads.  ‘Other Times’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Who’s This Man’, ‘Simple Life’ and ‘Though You Are So Great’ are some of the titles that stand out.  Sometimes slow and stirring, other times playful and upbeat.  Only one non-original  and that’s Randy Matthews’ ‘Didn’t He’.  Decent production from Steve Milliken.  From Niles, Michigan. Another fine exception to this typically adult contemporary custom label.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks John for this music.


Charis – I Love You Jesus back



01. I Love You Jesus

02. Didn’t He

03. Other Times

04. Heaven

05. Sweeter And Sweeter

06. Who’s This Man

07. Jesus Is My Savior

08. Simple Life

09. So Many Mountains

10. Though You Are So Great

11. One Day I Went To The Cross

12. Simple Life (Reprise)