Euphoria (Pinebrook PB 1506) 1979



Friendly good-time country, rock, pop, and honky-tonk picker and grinner with a good handle of guitar and mandolin.  Fun crusin’ tunes, sometimes countrified with a bit of piano, pedal steel, Arp strings and electric guitar, the later accentuating the boogie rock angle on ‘Life And Death’ and ‘The Preformer’.  Filled in with  some mellow ballads.  Includes a version of Michael Omartian’s ‘See This House’ – not a song I’d would have expected to be done in a casual hoedown style (!!!), but that’s exactly what Bill does.  The remaining songs are all originals.  Custom record from Archibold, OH.  1979.   (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

Thanks John for this one.


An album by SISTER IRENE O’CONNOR – Fire Of God’s Love/Songs To Ignite The Spirit recorded in 1976 of Jesus Music. Before Contemporary Christian Music or CCM there was Jesus Music. Bill Beck back



01. Euphoria & Under The Sun

02. A Friend Named Jesus

03. See This House

04. Life And Death

05. The Performer

06. Hello Father

07. Commune Song

08. Unity

09. Come With Me

10. Under The Sun Reprise