Encounter (UA-Ua-fsd-1169)  1972


Encouter front


Two couples all North American Baptist seminarians come up with a mostly folk album, Gary and Sharon Vossler and Phyl and Jo Putz. Not a big item but if you like male/female vocal folk there are some good moments, mostly guitar songs 2 with piano, mostly folk but some pop too a Steve and Maria style and some 4 part gospel as well.  Review by KS.

Encounter back



01. Love

02. Only One Life

03. Illusive Dream

04. Look All Around You

05. Master Designer

06. What Are You Seeking

07. Cleanse Me

08. I Know Where I’m Going

09. The Man For Me

10. Born To Die

11. He Died In My Place

12. The Lord Is My Shepherd

13. Reach Out To Jesus

14. He Loved, He Gave

15. I’m Not Alone

16. Living Circle