Anyone But Jesus (Masterpeace MP-1001) 1976




Although this independent release consists of material from a television production hosted by Barry McGuire, the album has more the feel of a small unplugged on-the-air studio concert. Live, natural, low-key and spontaneous, without any audience applause. Mostly folky acoustic performances, although country rockers Children Of The Light slip a bit of electric into ‘Follow The Light’, an easygoing rural track not found on their Come On In lp. Also are performance by Love guitarist Bryan MacLean, his rustic folk contribution ‘Blessed Salvation’ backed by acoustic guitar and mandolin (he also briefly shares his testimony). Also coming across quite folky and down-to-earth is Wendell Burton’s duet with Barrty, ‘Good Ol’ Gospel Feelin”. Janny Grine does a simple acoustic rendering of ‘The Only One’, while Dee Dee Gary sounds slightly more traditional with her piano-backed selection. And of course there’s Barry himself doing live versions of ‘Come To Praise The Lord’ where he breaks a guitar string), ‘The Beatitudes’ and the title track. Usually some friendly chitchat between Barry and his guests preceding each song which adds to the album’s homey atmosphere. Of course Barry loves to talk – when he finally gets around to asking MacLean to play his song, MacLean laughs and says “I’ve been holding this G-chord for the last fifteen minutes”. You gotta love stuff like that. The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1BARRY MCGUIRE - Come To Praise The Lord1:35
1-2CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT - Follow The Light3:34
1-3WENDELL BURTON - Good Ol' Gospel Feelin'5:43
1-4DEE DEE GRAY - Praise The Lord He Never Changes4:50
2-1BARRY MCGUIRE - The Beatitudes4:35
2-2BRYAN MACLEAN - Under Construction And Blessed Salvation7:16
2-3BARRY MCGUIRE - Balance Of Justice4:08
2-4JANNY GRIENE - The Only One3:32
2-5BARRY MCGUIRE - Anyone But Jesus1:20