Sweet Wine (no label 510 X 01) 1975







St. Benedict’s Farm front





A combination of folk songs and field recordings makes up this custom lp from rural Texas monastic community known as St. Benedict’s Farm.  The musical selections are of the simple acoustic variety, usually with just one male voice, one female voice and one guitar.  Mostly original songs like ‘Safe Under His Wing’, ‘Sampson’, ‘O, My Achin Rib!’ and ‘Sparrows’.  Also a few traditional hymn-like songs that add organ, as well as a couple of numbers with cheesy synthetic percussion (presumably of the canned programmed-for-organ variety).  The main guy’s voice is fairly deep, but has a homey rural/country quality, like a goodhearted truck driver.   ‘Scenes At A Country Wedding’ has lots of camera clicks and background ambiance as the wedding photographer goes around doing his thing.  ‘Seeking God’ captures a mealtime prayer and subsequent religious conversation.  ‘Mini-Tour Of St. Benedict’s Dairy Farm’ features the sounds of chugging water pumps, mooing cows, and the repair of some farm machinery (“ah this darn thing’s broke again!”).  A comforting record that makes me wanna do a beeline for the countryside.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).







St. Benedict’s Farm back




Thank you Donald for the photos. and song list.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Sweet Wine4:58
1-2Safe Under His Wing1:58
1-4The Name Of Jesus3:50
1-6Bid Me Come3:27
2-2O My Achin' Rib2:34
2-3If I Wanted To Hide3:05
2-4I Do Believe3:19
2-5He Cried4:03
2-6Yo Te Amo2:05



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