Come Along (no label SS-26916-01) 1974?



Another group of nuns that cloned their simple folk sound from the Medical Mission Sisters with more or less acceptable results.  With the exception of two medleys (one of Sydney Carter tunes, the other of selections from Godspell) all songs were written by Sister Marylorraine Mussman and Sister Mary Mel McMillan.  From Mount St. Clare College and Academy in Clinton, Iowa.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


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01. Come Along

02. Something New

03. I Need You, I Love You

04. Just This Side of Camelot

05. Questions

06. Godspell Medley

07. We Are Women Promised To Our God

08. Buds

09. If We Only Have Love

10. Obligation

11. Sydney Carter Medley

12. But I Have Everything

13. Thanks God