Reflection On Hymns Of Our Time (Refection RL 303) 1971 UK *

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Another fine example of ’60’s British Jesus folk with strong electric presence. Electric guitar, organ, bass and drums energize a number of titles, including ‘God Of Concrete’, ‘When The Mood Of The Music Changes’ (there’s a hint of ‘Louie Louie’ in there), ‘Everywhere I Go’ and ‘Bread In The Wilderness’. Moods vary from jangly electric ‘Feed Us Now’ and ‘Hanging On A Tree’ to the melodic Beatlesque treatment of ‘Lord, Make Me Love’ to the “explosive joy” of ‘Let The Cosmos Ring’. Opens with a robust cover of ‘They’ll Know We Are Christians’, one of the few songs I recognized. Also some beautiful ballads in ‘Be At Every Family Table’, ‘I Don’t Know Where I Am Going’ and ‘Shalom’, the latter two with attractive flute accompaniment. Fifteen songs in all. (<The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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01. They’ll Know We Are Christians

02. Living Lord

03. Feed Us Now0

4. Be At Every Family Table

05. God Of Concrete

06. When The Mood Of The Music Changes

07. Caribbean Lord’s Prayer

08. The Carpenter

09. Let The Cosmos Ring

10. Lord Make Me Love

11. Everywhere I Go

12. I Don’t Know Where I Am Going

13. Bread In The Wilderness

14. Hanging On A Tree

15. Shalom