Sunshine Day (Light 5605 LP) 1972


The McCrary’s front

Sweet male/female harmonies and soulful melodies from the McCrary family: Alfred, Linda, Sam, Charity and Howard. They don’t seem quite as gospelly as Andrae Crouch, save perhaps when they’re doiang Gaither’s ‘He Touched Me’. More often aimes for a sunny ’70s pop/r&b and ballads groove ala Fifth Dimension.  No one’s gonna mistake them for Sly Stone, though I will say they manage to funk things up pretty good on ‘Jesus Freak’.  The guys are wearing some serious boots.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


The McCrary’s back



01. Sunshine Day

02. I Never Was So Happy

03. Get Yourself Together

04. Today Is The Tomorrow

05. He Touched Me

06. Jesus People

07. Pray

08. You’re Not The Only One

09. Your Life’s At Hand

10. Let It Start With You