Jubilation! (Impact R3164) 1972?


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Rock opera/musical production written by Lani Smith. Similar style to portions of Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar with some r&b and black gospel influences, energetic pew-shakin’ music with horns, organ, twangy guitar, alternating lead vocalists with unison singing. Up With People-ish in a few spots but for the most part less sappy the most of the musicals on the Light, Tempo, New Dawn, etc. Arranged and produced by Fred Bock. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Found under Jubilation! in The Archivist.


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01. Jubilation!

02. Just Between You And Me

03. The Gospel story

04. Jesus Child

05. John Was A Preacher Man

06. Jesus And Satan

07. Preaching The Kingdom

08. Well Now, I Already Know All Those Things

09. The Sacrifice

10. But Why Did He Have To Die

11. The Heavenly King

12. I Begin To See

13. Reality

14. If Jesus Hadn’t Risen

15. Rushing Wind And Tongues Of Fire

16. Jubilation! Reprise