God Is Much Fairer (Angelus WR 5121) 1972?



Folksinger Ken Finley alternates between moving Kenn Guliksen-type Ballards (without the orchestration) and more up-tempo down-to-earth Jesus-folk expressions. Simple acoustic formate with guitar, bass, piano, banjo and drums. Melodic Catholic feel to a couple songs. ‘Two Greatest Celebrations’, ‘Can’t Play Games With God’, ‘Singin’ Happy Joyfilled Songs’, ‘I Hear That Train’, eight more. From First Presbyterian Church of Burbank, CA. Same custom label as the mighty Fraction lp. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. God Is Much Fairer
02. Love, Little And Hard
03. Sing Out To Jesus
04. Oh My Lord
05. Two Greatest Celebrations
06. All Together Now
07. Hear That Train
08. Love, Joy and Peace
09. Ask Not
10. Can’t Play Games
11. Our God Of Love
12. Sing Happy Joyfilled Songs