Dust (Myrrh MST 6504) 1972

Dust front

There are some nice moments on this early Myrrh production.  Dust is best when they’re doing psychy hard rock, as on the opening ‘Gone’ where jamming wah-wah rhythm guitar churns alongside loud echoey electric leads.  The same ingredients crop up on ‘Rich Man’ along  with organ and soulful resounding harmonies.  ‘My Song’ and ‘Stand By Now’ are both airy easy-flowing mid-tempo songs with pleasant organ-backed grooves.   The rest of the album runs from   hard pop-rock to folkrock, the overall vibe being early-’70s soulful commercial rock.  Two real oddball items are worth mentioning: ‘Eenie Meenie Minie Moe’ is an anti-bigotry children’s sing-a-long that’s a bit out of place, interjecting the “n” word alongside silly lines like “catch a hippie by the toe”.  Then there’s that unintentionally hilarious seven-minute patriotic exegesis of ‘The Pledge Of Allegiance’ – a Red Skelton routine, but performed here in semi-hippie fashion over the backdrop of ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’.  The lead guy gets down to some serious preachin’ on this one: ‘That’s a commitment to people, man!”; “And government is the people, man!”  (I love those “man’s and “dig it’s he  throws in there).  This Album was definitely a keeper for me. Fascinating colorful pop-art cover to boot.

Dust back

01. Gone
02. My Song
03. Rich Man
04. Friend Of Mine
05. Sweet Jesus
06. Sunny Days
07. Eenie Meenie Minie Moe
08. Stand By Now
09. What’s The Use
10. He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother and Pledge Of Allegiance