Crimson Bridge  (Myrrh MST 6503) 1972


Crimson Bridge front

Perhaps  the most creative of the early Myrrh releases is this progressive brass-rock endeavor, or as the back cover describes it, a “rock-jazz-Latin-progressive-blues-acid-folk” sound.  Several sections feature tempo changer-ups and Chicago/Blood Sweat & Tears-like structures, soulful male lead vocalists alternating with female lead singers and bgvs.  Musical passages may include dynamic combination’s of Power horns, propulsive bass lines, rocking electric guitar leads, squealing trumpet solos, vibrant Latin percussion and funky rhythm guitar.  The highlight of the album would probably have to be  ‘First Suite’, a superb multi-textured twenty-minute artful piece in three movements that takes up the whole of side two (some surging organ and heavy guitar action in there).  More high powered grooves can be found energizing titles like ‘Better Times’, ‘Comin’ and ‘Birthright’.  ‘Easy Ways’ and ‘He’s Alive’ show the group equally effective in creating softer ballad moods. Get your groove on with The Crimson Bridge!   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Crimson Bridge back


01. Better Times

02. Easy Ways

03. Comin’

04. He’s Alive

05. Birthright

06. First Suite-Searching In Reality

07. First Suite-Experience

08. First Suite-The Beginning Of Joy