Healing Songs Of Love (Belle CS-0178) 1979?


Basic amateur homemade acoustic lp of original songs from soprano-voiced female singer. No photos on the cover, but definitely sounds like a lot of those nun-folk records. I did an Internet search on her name and sure enough there was a match on a Sister. Sparse sound with just her voice and guitar. ‘Theirs Is The Kingdom’, ‘The Real Vine’, ‘Stillness’, ‘God’s Gift’, ten more. Primitive sleeve art features a pink pastel drawing of a dove and incense. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. The Real Vine

02. Follow Me

03. Stillness

04. Cast Your Cares

05. Jesus

06. Come Back To Me

07. God’s Gift

08. Song Of Trust

09. Learn Of Me

10. Theirs Is The Kingdom

11. Ask And You’ll Receive

12. In Your Spirit

13. Mary’s Song

14. Magnificat