CHIC ’80 (Stream Mountain CSS 802) 1980



A less consistent album, but still six or so fun live acoustic tracks with Stromberg either leading the audience in song or performing solo. Examples include ‘The Saints Sing-A-Long’, ‘God Is Love’, ‘Seedling’ and ‘The Scootch Song’, the latter a musical exhortation for the audience to “scootch up” in their seats (complete with “bleeps” substituting the word hindquarters). Elsewhere it’s piano-backed contemporary gospel from Covenant Heartsong and the CHIC ’80 Choir. Took place August 16-22, 1980 in Estes Park, Colorado. Big fat gatefold cover with a built-in 15-page booklet of color and b&w photos. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Listed as CHIC ’80 in The Archivist.


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01. Saints Sing Alone

02. God Is Love

03. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

04. Teach Me Lord To Listen

05. Jesus Loves Me

06. Seedling

07. Scootch song

08. Day By Day Medley

09. Lord Be Glorified

10. Brand New Day

11. Jesus Is Coming Back

12. Needs And Lord Be Glorified

13. Be Here Lord

14. The Voice & Seedling Reprise