Life In The Morning (Covenant Press DRS 77-746-CP) 1977


Bob Stromberg – Life front


Very satisfying follow-up with simpler arrangements and more of an acoustic emphasis, often capturing a fresh outdoorsy singer/songwriter mood similar to early Mark Heard, Ron Moore or John Fischer. Sparkling acoustic guitar work, sometimes with piano quietly trickling in the background or the gentle sound of Arp strings. Judy Stromberg adds simple vocal harmony to a few songs. Twelve titles, including ‘Fill Me Again’, ‘The Rain Song’, ‘Thought I Would Be Happy’, ‘The Immigrant Song’ and ‘You Are The First Melody’. All lyrics and music by Bob Stromberg. See also CHIC ’76 and CHIC ’80. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Life In The Morning


01. Life In The Morning

02. Two Hands

03. Fill Me Again

04. The Rain Song

05. Can You Remember

06. Thought I Would Be Happy

07. Have Your Way

08. The Immigrant Song

09. Surely You Have Made Me Happy

10. You Are The First Melody

11. No Place Could Ever Be Home

12. Yesterday