Welcome To The Family (Armchair ARM 100) 1972?







BOB CULL – Welcome To The Family



Armchair Front Cover

Armchair Front Cover






One of the mellowest artist on the early Maranatha roster. Bob’s songs are typically slow ballads centered around acoustic guitar and piano, with strings, bass woodwinds and lush Carpenters-like backing vocals giving it all an easy listening sheen.   Written, arranged, orchestrated and performed by Bob. Originally released as a private press under the name Robert Cull, then picked up by Maranatha in 1975 (HS-777/20) using the name Bob, with a different back cover photo (the fireside Bob replaced by the hairier sailboat Bob).  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th edition).






Bob Cull - Welcome (Mar Bck)


Bob Cull - Welcome (Arm Bck)





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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Back Where I Started2:19
1-2Here Is All Of Me3:10
1-3Let's Keep Growing3:09
1-4You're A Friend To Me2:05
1-5Welcome To The Family1:45
2-1Someone To Follow4:58
2-2Love Song3:28
2-3All I Need Is You3:48
2-4Alleluia (Instrumental)1:13