Raggedy Band (New Wine NW202) 1972


Likable unpretentious folksinger who touches on a variety of moods, from jangly folk (‘Lovin’ Song’) to gentle acoustic ballards (‘After Eden, ‘Planet Li ght’) to plugged-in rock with gruff manor of Barry McGuire (‘Hey, Mr. Preacherman’). Also some sing-along (‘This Is The Day’), honky-tonk (‘Palm Sunday’) and country rockabilly (‘Little Brother’). Manley on vocals and acoustic guitars, to which are added a few assistants on electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion and flute. Jim Strathdee (who also has ban album on this label) provides piano and additional guitar. Vocal ensemble backs a couple of songs. The Dylan-edged ‘You’re A Hard Man To Live With Mr. Christian’ has some classic lines. Good natural vibe going down. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Hey Mr. Preacherman
02. Lovin’ Song
03. After Eden
04. You’re Gonna Hear From Him Again
05. You’re A Hard Man To Live With Mr. Christian
06. This Is The Day
07. Raggedy Band
08. Planet Light
09. Sons Of The Father
10. Palm Sunday
11. Three Strong Links In A Freedom Chain
12. Little Brother