Ring The Living BellĀ  (Spectrum LPS 3402) 1974



This is a production with a variety of styles folk, broadway, rock, neo-classical, country and traditional. One song put me in the mind of Crosscurrent community with Cherubic hymn utilizing synthesizer cosmic sounds. Originally performed live with narrative and dance. Not mentioned in The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition.




01. Ring The Living Bell Chant
02. Cherubic Hymn
03. Watch A Baby Day Be Born
04. Shepherd Song
05. If We Only Have Love
06. Crucifixion Montage
07. Were You There-We’ve All Been There
08. Ring The Living Bell Chant
09. Ring The Living Bell Chant-Building Up The Barriers
10. Life Is Running Away
11. Nothing Ever Changes
12. Long Ago
13. Kyrie Eleison
14. Balm In Gilead
15. Ring The Living Bell Song