Which Side Are You On? (Star Song SSR-0024) 1980



Shortening their name to simply The Hope for their final release, the band cut back on some of the disco/r&b image of Be Ready to focus on a polished light-to-medium rock format. Smooth, clean and proficient, with particular emphasis on vocal harmony and synths. Any band that covers Bruce Cockburn’s ‘Hills Of The Morning’ deserves some points. Only minimal appearances of strings (‘Anticipation’) and saxophone (‘Walk In The Light’). Cuts like ‘Sunshine In My Life’ and ‘You Got Love’ show that the guys still had a bit of that disco and funk attitude tucked away in them. Other song selection include the Arlo Guthrie title Number, Bryn Haworth’s ‘Standing On The Rock’ and Pat Terry’s ‘You Got Love’. Produced by Brian Tankersley. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Thank you Discogs for the label, rear cover photos and the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Tender Love 4:38
1-2Standing On The Rock 3:27
1-3Sunshine In My Life 2:45
1-4Stand On What You Believe3:09
1-5Hills Of Morning 4:33
2-1Which Side? 4:28
2-2What Have You Got To Lose
2-3Anticipation 3:18
2-4You Got Love 3:43
2-5Walk In The Light3:11