Jesus Loves All Little Children (Paragon PR 33017) 1976



More offbeat gospel ventriloquist lunacy featuring Gail Wenos (the human) and Ezra (the dummy). The Disneyland-bought Ezra is one of the better looking dummies I’ve seen with his disheveled hair, large round red nose and big wide tongue (which persistently hangs out). As far as his voice goes we’re talking massively abrasive nasal annoyance. Lots of happy nerve-fraying Jesus ditties sung off-key, like ‘Jesus Knows Me, This I Love’, ‘It’s A Happy Day!’, ‘If I Were A Butterfly’, ‘If You’re Saved And You Know It’ and an insane cover of ‘The Candy Man’ that I’m sure has Sammy Davis Jr. doing flip-flops in his grave. Plenty of classic spoken routines as well, touching on subjects like taking the stinky garbage out to the stinky trash can. My wife has kindly requested that I never play these albums in her presence again. Nashville label that I believe is related to NewPax. Check out Ezra drinking that Icee on the cover of It’s A Happy Day! (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Jesus Loves The Little Children
02. This Little Light Of Mine
03. Zaccheus-Part One
04. Zaccheus-Part Two
05. Wonderful Things To Know
06. Joy Joy Joy
07. Jesus Loves Even Me
08. Ezra’s Gift
09. Jesus Loves Me
10. Oh, Say But I’m Glad
11. If You’re Saved And You Know It
12. He Owns The Cattle
13. What Can I Give Jesus
14. Five Loves And Two Fishes
15. Praise Him, Praise Him
16. David And Goliath-Only A Boy Named David
17. Sing Sing Sing
18. Peace Like A River