Gentle Rains (Ra-O R16-1976) 1976



Gentle Rains continues to apply the group’s charm to original titles like ‘The Sun Is All Around’, ‘As We Pray’, ‘Harden Not Your Hearts’ and ‘Easter Song’. It’s definitely their quietest offering so far (“gentle” like the title says), yet refrains from descending into sappy MOR or easy listening. Arp string ensemble softens the ballads ‘If I Had Known’ and ‘Song Of Blessing’. Includes a lovely piano/flute instrumental called ‘Covenant Prayer’. Pleasant melodic ‘70s singer-songwriter vibe to the title track, which begins and ends with the sounds of a soft rain. Subtitled Promise Of A New Rebirth. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Gentle Rains
02. If I Had Known
03. The Sun Is All Around
04. As We Pray
05. Harden Not Your Hearts
06. Song Of Blessing
07. Jesus Is Our Prayer
08. Psalm 103
09. With God On Our Side
10. Covenant Prayer
11. Easter song